About us

Xeda Italia was established on January 29th 2008 by the head company Xeda International SA following the purchase of the Italian company Agribiotec srl, located in Modena whose core business was the development and production of formulations for plant nutrition and defense. The purchase is part of a continuous growth strategy of the French group, which has led to the creation/purchase of many branches and subsidiary companies all over the world.

From this acquisition, a precious know-how in terms of production, stabilization and formulation of microbiological products as well as the plant, machinery and highly specialized personnel was "inherited". All of this, combined with the investments of the group has led to the growth of the company, recognized today as one of the major actors in Biocontrol, in providing very high quality solutions for plant defense and nutrition based on microorganisms and plant extracts.

Xeda Italia, as a direct producer, has its own commercial network that counts on distributors and agents, located in the main areas of agricultural interest, in addition to collaborations with the main leading companies of the agricultural sector.

Thanks to a specific project of European internalization, the company has developed in the years many collaborations, which have allowed it to directly operate in 11 countries.

Xeda Operates in 11 countries

The company is member of the prestigious IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturer Association) and AIF (Associazione Italiana Fertilizzanti).