Xeda Italia is an Italian medium company focused on the development and production of natural products based on plant extracts and microbiological formulates for crop protection and plant nutrition. 
Xeda Italia is part of a French company XEDA International, that offers the most complete and innovative range of post-harvest products for the protection of fruit and vegetables.
Xeda Italia has its own production and administrative facilities at the factory in Forli (north of Italy), where the production bioreactors are situated and where all phases of stabilisation and formulation of the commercial microbiological preparations occur.


We offer a catalogue rich in natural solutions, capable of controlling a wide range of adversity.
We work both for organic agricultural and conventional system markets and we are mainly focused about the production, formulation and stabilization of Microbial Pest Control Products. 
Xeda Italia invests in natural products that can ensure quality and efficiency in compliance with environmental and consumer: 
Fungicides, Insecticides, Adjuvants, Microorganisms, Fertilizers, Biostimulants.

Xeda Products

Our production plan ranges from microbial fermentation process development to process scale up and recovery of products.

Xeda production

The production process provides to:

  • Industrial biomass production by bioreactors, equipped with temperature, pH, pO2, air, pressure, stirring controls and regulations.
  • Recover the desired end product by downstream processing ( filtration by Inert adjuvant addition or concentration of fermentation medium and lyophilization) to obtain TECNICAL POWDER.
  • Formulation and Packaging, designed to guarantee maximum safety for the user and the environment, to ensure perfect compatibility with the formula.

Microbiological laboratory provide analytical support for the quality control of raw materials and final products.
Commercial formulates with extremely constant characteristics and activities and high qualitative and quantitative standards are obtained.

Xeda laboratory

We believe that the use of natural products is extremely important to develop new agronomic practice.
In addition to the careful attention paid during the production process of micro-organism based formulates,
Xeda Italia gives scientific and technical support to its own customers.

One point of Research and Development action plan of Xeda Italia is focused on the verification of our microbial strains COMPATIBILITY with the chemical pesticides most frequently used in agriculture. It’s important for a combined use of commercial microbiological products in tank mix with other of synthesis and to begin specific actions in integrated pest management programs.

Xeda compatibility

Xeda field trials

Every year several field trials are carried out alongside collaboration with certified Field Trial Centers, Universities and regional Scientific Institutes.
Some field trials are also carried out by Xeda Italia technical staff.


The contract R&D service is mainly addressed to:
  • Isolation and identification of phytopatogens from fresh infected matters.
  • Studies to verify antagonistic capacities of our microorganism against target pathogens.
  • In vitro evaluation of some natural phytochemicals such as essential oils that show high biological activity for plants diseases control.
  • Fermentation processes optimization through the development of strategies to increase the production yields and reduce the production costs.
  • Storage stability tests of plant protection products to ensure quality standards and fitness for the intended purpose