Xeda Italia has been constituted by a public act of the 29th of January issued by Xeda International SA (French company leader in conservation and post-harvest treatments field), and subscribed in the Forlì/Cesena Companies Registration List the 7th of February 2008 with legal and operating headquarter in Forlì, Via Filippo Guarini 13/A.

The foundation of Xeda Italia followed Xeda International takeover of the Italian company Agribiotec S.r.l., which was already dealing with the development and production of formulations for plant protection and nutrition of agricultural and ornamental crops. The reason of this procedure has to be founded in a continuous growth and development of the French group that, during the years, created and acquired many branches and subsidiary companies all over the world.

One of the main activities of Xeda International Group concerns the development and improvement of natural products based on vegetable extracts which protect and enhance fruits and vegetables (antioxidant, protective, fungicides and bactericides). There is no doubt that this sector involves many of the company efforts concerning research and development, moreover the group is permanently active for the national and European registration of these natural substances and for the patent coverage of their specific use in agriculture.

Xeda Italia, as unique Italian branch involved in agricultural pre-harvest market of Xeda International, is the natural and obvious national supplier of all those products and specialties developed and commercialized.
Thanks to the takeover of Agribiotec, Xeda Italia has "inherited" a precious technical know-how concerning the processes of production, stabilization and formulation of microbiological products as well as suitable systems, equipments and personnel for the implementation of this specific knowledge.

The result of these technical and commercial synergies is clear: today Xeda Italia is able to face with the market as a considerable manufacturer and supplier of formulation and technology with high qualitative standards, they are based on microorganisms and vegetable extract with the function to prevent and cure crop diseases, it’s also able to supply a wide range of nutrition and fertilizer products.

Xeda Italia has its own business network thanks to distributors and agents which cover the whole nation and are mainly focused on the main agricultural interested areas. As a direct manufacturer Xeda Italia is opened to develop and increase new partnerships with companies which are interested in the distribution of specific natural products for plant protection and nutrition in foreign countries.