Xeda - factory

Xeda international was founded in 1976 with the aim of making and promoting machinery, chemical products and post-harvest protection of fruit and vegetables. Mainly, the application of fungicides and antioxidants on fruit and anti-sprouting compounds on potatoes.

In 1989 there was an important change in the company target. The new idea was to replace the application of synthetic chemicals with organic molecules and essential oils, in combination with physical treatments, as low or high temperatures with high humidity, in order not to leave dangerous residues.

Three years later, the company focused on using terpenes from these essential oils as generic biocides, since all of them are kinds of fungicides, bactericides, insecticides and virucides. Most of them are also antioxidants and anti-sprouting molecules.  

The first positive results were thus achieved: machines for the application were developed by the  post-harvest Italian branch Cedax s.r.l. and in 2009 Xeda International submitted the request of European registration for applying mint oil on potatoes and clove oil on fruit. Both registrations were granted in the two following years.

Many efforts and investments were made to increase and improve the use of different terpenes through a technology adapted to specific machines; these technologies are protected by several international patents and more than 180 have been submitted by the industrial group.

In 2008, with the acquisition of Agribiotech s.r.l., Xeda Italia was born, a company that allows Xeda International the transfer of its know-how in phytosanitary production and natural nutritional products meant for pre-harvest. In the same year, Xedavir was registered and released. It is the first bio-fungicide of the group to contain soil diseases based on Trichoderma asperellum TV1.

The continuous development through the years has made Xeda International a world leader in the knowledge and use of terpenes and has allowed partnership agreements with two Japanese companies: Mitsui and Sumitomo Chemicals.

Xeda International is today the world leader in practical uses of terpenes and it is present in 32 countries through subsidiary companies and distributors.

The industrial group has steadily grown in the years always maintaining the same guidance. Still today, the Sardo family own the majority share of the group.