Mission and vision


"Our mission is to obtain a steady position of leadership in our field of activity, that is in the production and commercialization of natural products both for plant protection and nutrition. We guarantee high quality standards thanks to a development and improvement process of new products, continuous research of innovative technical solutions."

Medium-long term aims:

Development: increasing of market share,  greater penetration in Italian market and growth in European and extra-European countries.
Leadership: our efforts are focused on the obtainment of a leadership steady position in the production and commercialization of natural products with high quality standards thanks to continuous technological innovations and stabilization of our role and image as a "serious" Company in the market.
Social: Xeda Italia strength can also be founded in the sharing of the final aims with specific collective needs, low environmental impact of agricultural products,  permanent attention towards the workers and the final users.


It was 2008, just at the beginning of the world wide recession which involved both Europe and our nation and whose effects are unfortunately still serious. Precisely in this context Xeda Italia moved its first steps, since the beginning we have been mainly focused on a large and solid optimistic vision of agricultural future. We are sure that agricultural world has to share the same primary needs and requirements with the environment which are based on territorial protection, healthiness of productions, livability of urban and extra-urban areas.
The main road to follow is clear: the use of chemical products in agriculture has to be reduced in order to get off the residuals on foodstuffs and consequently the risks on human health, always respecting the natural ecosystem balance.
Natural products are the only devices which allows the farmer to follow this way without consequences and undesired side effects, in fact these products are able to protect many high quality specific agricultural productions.
It is clear that these natural technical means have to be applied in a new very integrated pest and farmer production management which has to be based on the supervision, monitoring, prevision and above all on the prevention: when an intervention is required the key word is INTEGRATION, the natural products based on vegetal extracts have to be applied in substitution or in addiction of chemical products. In order to achieve this aim it is necessary a common effort which involves also a farmer viewpoint’s growth: we are willing to transmit the knowledge and the competence to use these product at best.
Xeda Italia and all its staff are here for these reasons, because we trust in this "agricultural natural integration future" and especially because we know that…..THE FUTURE IS TODAY.