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Biological fungicide


  • Organic Nitrogen (N) 7.7%
  • Organic Nitrogen (N), water soluble  7.7%
  • Organic Carbon (C) 23.0%



BIOSIN is an organic nitrogen fertiliser with a high content of free amino acids with low molecular weight. It provides balanced nutrition and stimulates plant growth. Regular and repeated applications of BIOSIN encourage strong acceleration of all the plant’s metabolic processes to give balanced growth, improved production and increased resistance to adverse conditions. Because it penetrates deeply, the product enters the cell cytoplasm where it plays a basic role in increasing the enzymes naturally present in the soil. As well as providing an immediate source for the protein synthesis process, amino acids are energetic growth factors.


Doses and directions for use

Apply at intervals of 7-8 days. For more frequent applications, reduce the dose in proportion.

For higher doses and for protected plants, it is preferable to use the product on its own.


Application period




Fruit, vines, citrus plants


- before flowering

- at petal drop

- fruit growth

200 g/hl

15-20 Kg/ha


- after transplanting

- before flowering

- start of production

150-200 g/hl


100-150 g/hl


10-20 Kg/ha


1-1.5 Kg/1000 m2

Flowers, ornamental plants, nurseries, golf courses, stadiums recreational areas

- start or resumption of cultivation cycle

- during active growth

100-150 g/hl

15-20 Kg/ha


1-2 Kg/1000 m2