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Biological fungicide

Composition PROBIOS A

  • Maceration-extracted propolis 5%
  • Aqueous solution

Composition PROBIOS B

  • Maceration-extracted propolis 5%
  • Solution with ethyl alcohol



The biological preparations PROBIOS A and PROBIOS B are formulations containing scraped bee propolis collected from the hives of local beekeepers. In fact, in addition to the characteristics of the formulation and the method of extraction, by maceration in water and ethyl alcohol, the origin of the propolis is a very important factor because its properties determine the efficacy of the finished solution. The resulting formulations are then kept separate in different containers in order to improve their stability.

The propolis, collected by bees from autochthonous plants, contains a mixture of substances that is able to stimulate the natural defences of plants to combat the onset of disease.

The PROBIOS A and PROBIOS B formulation has the following properties:

Antiseptic and Protective

apply as a preventive treatment, on a 10-15 day schedule relative to the climate pattern; from the start of flowering to prevent floral infections (Botrytis, Monilia rot, etc.) and before harvest to improve fruit preservation.

Wound healing, cicatrizant

after harvesting the fruits both in the greenhouse and the open field, after summer pruning and elimination of double buds, and immediately after hailstorms or strong downpours.

Bee attractant

during flowering, the characteristic aroma attracts pollinating insects, favouring the natural fertilization of flowers


Recommended amounts

Mix equal amounts of the two solutions extemporaneously at the time of use.

Preventive treatments: PROBIOS A 100 ml + PROBIOS B 100 ml per 100 litres of solution

Wound healing treatments: PROBIOS A 150 ml + PROBIOS B 150 ml per 100 litres of solution

Crop Action

Drupaceous fruits

fungicidal (Monilia, Oidium), bacteriostatic, attractant, wound healing

Pomaceous fruits

bacteriostatic, attractant, healing

Kiwi fruits

anti-botrytis, attractant, healing


fungicidal (botrytis, acid rot)


anti-botrytis, preservation enhancer


fungicidal, bacteriostatic, wound healing, preservation enhancer

Melon and Watermelon




PROBIOS A and PROBIOS B are compatible with all fertilizers and plant protection products with the exception of those containing dodine. All copper based formulations should be used, in mixtures with PROBIOS, only in reduced concentrations (< 50 g/hl of active ingredient).