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Antiseptic, Cicatrizant, Bee attractant


  • Growth stimulating vegetable and organic-mineral extract  


ZYMOSTIM contains natural organic substances obtained by the controlled fermentation of vegetable extracts and micro-organism substrates (yeast, rhizospheric bacteria and fungi) which produce various molecules that fully enhance the natural genetic potential of plants. Specifically, ZYMOSTIM contains balanced amounts of the entire range of macro and microelements, as well as the biocatalyst enzymes that are essential for plant development and production. The most important are free amino acids, chelate microelements, vitamins and enzymes, the natural growth elements that encourage cell development and differentiation, the formation of new roots, flower setting, the prevention of floral abortion. They also foster cell lengthening, stimulate flowering, fruiting, cell division and bud opening, and they delay ageing.

The advantages of applying ZYMOSTIM:

  • improved fertiliser contribution
  • improved rooting
  • improved plant growth
  • resistance to repeated low temperatures
  • improved resumption of growth after stress due to the environment, phytotoxicity, parasites
  • improved flower setting and fruit growth
  • increased size
  • increased natural pigmentation of fruit and improved colour
  • increased sugar levels


Doses and directions for use

Apply the product onto foliage


Application period


Fruit, vines, citrus plants

- before flowering

- at petal drop

- fruit growth

200 ml/hl

Outdoor vegetables

- after transplanting

- before flowering

- growth (1-2 applications)

150-200 ml/hl

Greenhouse vegetables

- after transplanting

- before flowering

- growth (1-2 applications)

100-150 ml/hl

Flowers, ornamental plants, nurseries, golf courses, stadiums and recreation areas

- start or resumption of growth cycle (every 10-15 days)

100-150 ml/hl