Plant protection


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Biological nematocide


  • Clove oil (eugenol) 18 g (=180 g/l)
  • Coformulants/inert substances q.s. to 100 g

Field of use

The product is suitable for use as part of an organic farming or integrated crop protection strategy in field use, such as agriculture, horticulture and protected crops (e.g. in greenhouses).

Effects on harmful organisms

The GENIO nematocide effect is due to the ability to the eugenol to react with the cellular membrane sterols and the consequent inhibiting action of the synthesis of the necessary cholesterol for the survival of nematodes and your eggs.

Details of intended use

Preventive treatment against nematodes, such us: Meloidogyne spp., Criconella spp., Tylenchorhynchus spp., Pratylenchus spp., Xiphinema spp., Heterodera spp., Ditylenchus spp.


It can be used on all horticultural and floricultural crops affected by nematodes



soil application before sowing or transplant

5 litres / 1000 m2

soil application after- sowing or transplant (about every 15-20 days)

3 litres / 1000 m2

Method of application

The product can be used more than once during the same cultural cycle and even 4-5 times for vegetable and flower crops. There are no application limits linked to the growth and development stage of the treated plant. However, it is essential to distribute the product at the start of the cycle for vegetable and flower crops (before transplanting, before sowing).

As a function of the length of the growing-producing cycle, the interval between each application must be about 15-20 days.