Plant protection


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Biological fungicide


  • Fusarium oxyeporum strain  IF23 2,6 g  (1 x 108 CFU/g)
  • Coformulants and inert substances  q.s. to 100 g

Spectrum of activity: IF23 hypovirulent Fusarium exerts a preventive activity for the containment of rot due to Fusarium oxysporum. It can be used on all horticultural and floricultural crops affected by this pathogenic agent.


The IF23 strain exhibits antagonistic activity based on colonisation and competition for space and nourishment, which manifests itself at three distinct levels of protection.

  • within the rhizosphere
  • on the root surface at the sites of infection
  • inside the plant in the vascular tissues.

At each of these levels of protection, the fundamental mechanism is always the occupation of space and the removal of nutritional substrates. In addition, the physical presence of hypovirulent (or non pathogenic) Fusarium in the plant appears to induce phenomena of acquired, localised or even systemic resistance to subsequent attacks by pathogenic.

The mechanism of activity is only manifested in preventive form. The antagonist microorganism is ineffective against infections already in progress, even if not visible.

The IF23 strain is commonly found in the soil and is not genetically modified. It is entirely selective toward the plant, and non toxic for humans or the environment.


Fusarium ipovirulento ceppo IF23 must be used as a preventive treatment, applied according to the methods described below.

Mixed into the growth substrate (topsoil/peat) prior to sowing and transplanting. In the case of pre-sowing treatments in the plant nursery, application should preferably also be repeated at the time of transplanting in the field. In all cases, the product must be uniformly incorporated into the substrate.

All-over application in the greenhouse and/or open field, by means of surface spraying, taking care to assist product penetration through surface harrowing or plentiful watering afterward.

Spot treatment in the greenhouse and/or open field, inside the transplant holes or furrows, by means of surface spraying or spreading of the product in powder form.

Treatment prior to repotting, preparing the substrate in the manner described for preparation of the topsoil.



Mixed with topsoil and peat

2-3 kg/m3 of substrate

Plant nursery

200-300 g/hl

Greenhouse and/or open field

0.5-1 kg/1000 m2


2-4 g/plant


Fusarium ipovirulento ceppo IF23 is fully compatible with fertilizers, insecticides, residual herbicides and fungicidal based on dichloran, etridiazole, tolclofos-methyl and propamocarb. However, extemporaneous mixtures with products containing iprodione must be avoided.