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Biological growth plant Stimulating Bioactivator


  • Trichoderma asperellum TV1  2,8 g (1 x 107 CFU/g)
  • Coformulants and inert substances q.s. to  100 g


Trichoderma asperellum is a soil fungus antagonist which exerts a restraining and containment action upon organisms responsible for root rot, including: Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Verticillium spp., Phitophtora capsici, and others.

Xeda Italia has identified the following characteristics in strain TV1: adaptable to different pedoclimatic conditions, rapidly colonises the soil, deprives the pathogenic fungi of nourishment, inhibits their germination

The preparation is suitable for use as part of an organic farming or integrated crop protection strategy. Strain TV1 occurs in nature and is not genetically modified.


The preparation is compatible with the most commonly used insecticides, fertilizers, herbicides (except for formulations containing oxadiazon and pendimethalin), fungicides (except for products based on azoxystrobin, chlorothalonil, dichloran, iprodione, metalaxyl-m, penconazole, thiram and tolclofos-methyl).

Method of application

  • For the treatment of seeds, cuttings, tubers
  • Mixed with growth substrates (peat, topsoils, etc.) used in plant nurseries and for pot cultivation
  • Placed at the bottom of the furrows or holes dug for planting out or replacement of plants (ornamental plants, etc.)
  • In the field or greenhouse, applied by means of sprinkler irrigation, fertirrigation, weeding equipment, injectors, double sided cutters

Recommended amounts

Greenhouse and field crops 3 – 5 kg/ha

Apply the treatment before, or at the time of, sowing or transplant, repeating it if possible midway through the production cycle, spreading 3 kg the first time and 2 kg the second. Trichoderma viride strain TV1 rapidly colonises the layers of the soil. Due to the natural tendency of the various microorganisms to reach a state of equilibrium, repeating the treatment serves to maintain this favourably altered equilibrium.

Topsoils: 0.5 – 1 kg/m3

Mix the product in such a way as to ensure uniform spreading. If possible, prepare a pre-mixture that can be diluted subsequently