Production process

Why a high quality microorganism is rare

Xeda Italia production plan at industrial level considers both the DEVELOPMENT and the SCALE-UP of fermentation processes of phytopathogen antagonistic microorganisms from the laboratory to the bioreactor
The bacterial and fungal streams used in our formulations are PROPERLY STORED in Microorganism collections, internationally recognized, which guarantees their conservation and purity. The production processes are accurately STANDARDIZED to ENSURE formulations with CONSTANT characteristics and activity.

Xeda is a founder member of IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturer Association) and it joins AIF (Associazione Italiana Fertilizzanti).


The microbiological laboratory provides an analytical support to the quality control of raw materials and final products and it represents the starting point for the development and the industrial production of microorganisms. From a frozen vial of the microbial stream, starter liquid cultures are made in conditions of absolute sterility, which, before being multiplied in the bioreactor, are rigorously checked to assure the PURITY and the IDENTITY of the microbial streams.


The production of the biomass of the microorganisms that will become the active principles of our products takes place inside a bioreactor. During the growing steps of microorganisms, we supervise all the parameters that influence the ongoing process: basing on continuous recorded data from the temperature, pH and oxygen sensors, a software is able to modify the growing environment and make it optimal. In this way, we can guarantee a STANDARDIZED production process with CONSTANT characteristics.
Xeda Italia has studied and fine-tuned specific culture media for the production of each microorganism and has optimized each fermentation process in bioreactor in order to reach high yields in biomass per liter of fermentation media.
At the end of the fermentation, the filtration, to retrieve the biomass, is made through the addition of an inert coadjutant or, in case of bacterial cultures, the fermentation medium is concentrated and lyophilized to obtain a primary powder with a known CFU/g titration.

Formulation and Stabilization

The primary powder of the microorganism so obtained, after a short drying step at controlled temperature, is mixed in precise proportions and in dedicated mixers with co-formulating compounds that guarantee the conservation and the stability of the final product, also to enhance the growth of the microorganism once applied to the crop and  protect it from possible inactivating factors in the environment.

Quality Control

A code and a lot number are assigned to each production process to ensure TRACEABILITY and to be able to backtrack all the production steps in case of checks after sale. The stability in time of the CFU/g titration of our microorganisms based commercial formulations, the absence of contaminants and the quality of raw materials are constantly evaluated through laboratory analysis to guarantee the efficacy of the product.